Google/Android TV


“An Android TV would represent Google’s very own take on how an Android-based TV device should look like.”- Roettgers

Yes, these are the latest news in technology.

After the failure of the Google TV, which fail to attract enough customers for it to be successful. Google is trying to create anther TV with the help of Android services. This TV sounds like a great deal for all those people who love to have everything on one place. 

Google is working with third-party companies to bring the most successful apps into one device. These apps are services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora and Vevo. But, apparently Google also plans the Tv to have the ability to support an extended list of Google services, like Hangouts, and Android-based games.


The android TV sounds like a device that will attract a lot of customers out there, personally, I will be willing to buy a device like this if I was to have access to all these apps at any time.

Where is the Apple TV? Google is taking this to a whole new level and I haven’t heard any news from Apple. There has been a notable competence between Apple and Android and it seems like Google is now getting in the picture by taking to the market an Android TV that would probably make its appearance sooner of what we think.

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