Content Manager- Digital Signage

It all started with those two TV screen the graduate school received to showcase what we do and any important events. Then, the content manager software was the solution to create digital signage that would be showcase at all times.


There was a meeting between my supervisor and other two people because we needed to come up with the template for both screens. Of course I had everything figure out and I knew exactly what I wanted, but guess what, they also knew exactly what they wanted and I had to change my idea to complement theirs. At the beginning I was a little upset, but I understood who my client was and how important it was to take criticism well and be ready for everything. I always talk about how we need to take constructive criticism, but this is my first time going thru this on a professional level.  


The content manager software is a content management that transfers the image, audio to the TV creating a digital signage.


There are so many things you can do with this program like adding, video, live TV, PowerPoint presentations, photos, music, images, etc. I am excited to start using this software and become professional in it.


I am still in the process of learning the program, but it is not very complex. I had the chance to play with it for 30 minutes and I already feel like I know most of it. Soon I will start using the program to create digital signage for the Graduate School at the University of Houston and I am excited. I feel like I am getting the chance to start working as a graphic designer sooner of what I thought.


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