Why the need for a blog????


Every graphic designer has his/her own style and identity. This is why every single one of them must have a blog and write blogs constantly to create a representation of who they are for the public. They should take advantage of this strong tool that has taken over social media for the past couple of years. They have to use their blogs to build themselves as experts in their field. Some of the Graphic designers who have done this are:

Build Trust

By exposing your ideas on the web and your job, people can start trusting you. If you respond quickly to someone who commented on your blog, people will know you are there at any time to respond to any of their questions. Your viewers will see you as someone they can trust and will be loyal to you and to your work. By increasing loyalty between your viewers you can then, mark your territory and expand your work even more.

Web Presence

By blogging at least a couple of times per week you can develop a strong web presence and become a threat for those designers that already have a firm standing on the blog industry.


Blogging also provides a fantastic opportunity for networking. Leave your comments turned on and you would have the opportunity to “discuss” your posts with perspective clients and your peers.


Blogging can also lead you to new job opportunities all over the world. As a graphic designer there is no need to face-to-face meeting so you can easily sell your designs to people all around the world.

Having a blog has become essential for a graphic designer that wants to be successful in this career mainly because blogging introduces your business to a wider audience.



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