Google/Android TV

“An Android TV would represent Google’s very own take on how an Android-based TV device should look like.”- Roettgers Yes, these are the latest news in technology. After the failure of the Google TV, which fail to attract enough customers for it to be successful. Google is trying to create anther TV with the help of Android services. This TV sounds like a great deal for all those people who love to have everything on one place.  Google is working with third-party companies to bring the most successful apps into one device. These apps are services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, … Continue reading Google/Android TV

The University of Houston new Financial Aid System

Technology has transformed the way companies do business all over the world. It has changed the way we communicate and has decreased the hassle to get what we want. We network, shop, work, study, and entertain ourselves online. Technology has touched everyone’s lives somehow and The University of Houston, our university has embraced it to its advantage. PeopleSoft, Blackboard, Blackboard Vista, Online libraries, online e-books, Social Media and Digital Media Signage all over campus are only some of these wonderful technologies. However, The university of Houston has adapted a new system where students can finally upload all of their financial … Continue reading The University of Houston new Financial Aid System

Content Manager- Digital Signage

It all started with those two TV screen the graduate school received to showcase what we do and any important events. Then, the content manager software was the solution to create digital signage that would be showcase at all times.   There was a meeting between my supervisor and other two people because we needed to come up with the template for both screens. Of course I had everything figure out and I knew exactly what I wanted, but guess what, they also knew exactly what they wanted and I had to change my idea to complement theirs. At the … Continue reading Content Manager- Digital Signage

Why the need for a blog????

Every graphic designer has his/her own style and identity. This is why every single one of them must have a blog and write blogs constantly to create a representation of who they are for the public. They should take advantage of this strong tool that has taken over social media for the past couple of years. They have to use their blogs to build themselves as experts in their field. Some of the Graphic designers who have done this are: Brian Solis Jeremiah Owyang Build Trust By exposing your ideas on the web and your job, people can start trusting … Continue reading Why the need for a blog????